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International Exchange Programs

This system has given me the right business attitude and the will to always excel in everything I do. It provided me with the skills and competencies to successfully pursue an MBA in relationship marketing at a great American university. Ahmed Salemi, IIHEM Laureate - 1999
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IIHEM & FHSU Exchange Program

About Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University is a safe, beautiful and friendly campus with nearly 5,000 students taking classes on-campus, a tenth of whom come from 24 different countries. FHSU faculty and staff are known for their exceptional personal attention and support provided to international students. To learn more about FHSU, check out our website at:

IIHEM & FHSU Exchange Program

According to the IIHEM/FHSU partnership, IIHEM students from the School of Engineering have the opportunity to continue their studies in the United States, after successfully completing their first two years of study, and obtain the FSHU bachelor diploma in Information Systems Engineering (one of only two schools in the US that offers the ISE undergraduate degree).

For the first two years, students will pay the costs and tuition associated with IIHEM. For the other years they will pay the costs and tuition at FHSU.

What is an Information System?

It is the collection of hardware, software, data, people and procedures that work together to produce quality information.

What is Information Systems Engineering?

ISE is the effective use or engineering of information systems for a better understanding of data to optimize decision making.

ISE is a multidisciplinary area of study that involves software, digital storage and retrieval, networks, human computer interaction, information security, digital design and electronic media.

Possible Careers
  • Information Systems Security Engineer
  • Hardware Systems Engineer
  • System Center Operations Manager
  • Systems Engineer
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Windows Systems Engineer
  • Radar Systems Engineer

Companies Hiring
  • Apple - AT&T - Boeing
  • Cisco - Dell - Disney
  • Eagle Communications - Federal Intelligence Agencies and National Laboratories
  • Fidelity Investment - Google - Intel
  • Netflix - Nex-Tech - Facebook

To learn more, contact the ISE 2+2 Degree Coordinators:

School of Engineering
International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco

Houssain Kettani, Ph.D.
Professor & Director of Information Systems Engineering Program
Fort Hays State University