Monday, June 18, 2018
International Exchange Programs

This system has given me the right business attitude and the will to always excel in everything I do. It provided me with the skills and competencies to successfully pursue an MBA in relationship marketing at a great American university. Ahmed Salemi, IIHEM Laureate - 1999
Managing Director Vendreplus (

Types of Exchange Programs

The programs that are available are of different kinds:

  • Semester Abroad Spend one semester in an international institute abroad to immerse yourself in a new cultural and academic experience.
  • Work-Study Programs Combine the best of both worlds. In a work-study program, you will meet both students and professionals and develop your general skills. This is a cost-effective way to get international experience.
  • Dual Degree Programs Join the TAMU Masters of Finance or Masters of Marketing program and interact locally with international faculty. This can open doors to an international Ph.D. program and better job opportunities.
  • Study Abroad Degree Programs After a few years at IIHEM, transfer to an international university to complete your diploma and receive maximum credit for the courses you have already taken at IIHEM.