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I.I.H.E.M Study Abroad Programs

This system has given me the right business attitude and the will to always excel in everything I do. It provided me with the skills and competencies to successfully pursue an MBA in relationship marketing at a great American university. Ahmed Salemi, IIHEM Laureate - 1999
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Exchange Institutions

We have a number of agreements in place with international universities for you to undertake a Study Abroad Experience or even consider transferring:

  • Semester Abroad Programs

    Fontys University of Applied Science (Eidhoven, Netherlands) Fontys University, located in the Netherlands, offers a one semester undergraduate exchange program. There are also various Masters programs, including an M.S. in Business and Management, an M.S. in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management, as well as a part-time general M.B.A. program. If you do a semester abroad with Fontys University, you pay the normal IIHEM tuition.
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    Rotterdam Business School (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Rotterdam Business School is located in the economic heart of Northern Europe. Rotterdam is a city with a prestigious history of shipping and business. RBS is an ideal destination for IIHEM students. This school offers a one semester undergraduate exchange program. There are also some one-year Masters programs, including Consultancy and Entrepreneurship, Finance and Accounting, and Logistics Management. This school allows you to pay a normal IIHEM semester for your studies at RBS.
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    Murray State University (Kentucky, United States) Murray State University is located in Murray, Kentucky. It offers a onesemester undergraduate exchange program. Murray State is ideal for IIHEM students seeking an American cultural experience outside of the larger cities, and you can have it by paying normal IIHEM tuition. This university features an MBA program, accounting courses, telecommunications and MIS courses, as well as on-line course options.
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  • Work Study Programs
    UC Riverside / Disney Program (California, United States) This unique program allows students to both attend classes at University of California Riverside and to work at Disney World Resorts. This program lasts 6.5 months and offers 15 semester credits from UCR, including 6 credits for a 6 month supervised internship, as well as paid training and work experience at Disney. UCR also awards students Certificates in Hospitality and Tourism or Management upon completion of the program.
    Recently, many IIHEM students have chosen this opportunity as the ideal study abroad; more than 10 IIHEM students participated in this program in the Spring 2011 Semester alone!
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  • Dual Degree Programs
    Virginia Commonwealth University (United States)

    Grce laccord conclu avec Virginia Commonwealth University - VCU, IIHEM offre aux tudiants intresss des Joint Master's Programs(*) avec les filires accrdites (BAC+5) de sa School of Business Administration.
    (*) : Les tudiants de la 5me anne peuvent avoir le diplme de l'universit partenaire en plus du diplme de l'IIHEM BAC+5.

    Ces masters sont :

    Students who complete the "VCU" program at IIHEM will graduate with a Virginia Commonwealth University Masters-level Diploma (AACSB accredited).
    This program can be completed at IIHEM, at Virginia Commonwealth University, or split between the two institutions.
    For further details on this program, please refer to the "VCU" Program section.

    Solbridge International School of Business (Daejeon, South Korea) Solbridge International School of Business is located in South Korea, one of the worlds most successful economies. It offers a wide variety of business-oriented courses and is located in Daejeon, a major Korean city.
    This school offers a one-semester undergraduate exchange program, as well as opportunities to transfer for students seeking a longer-term experience in Asia. There are also some two-year Masters programs, including Financial Management, Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Information Technology, and Entrepreneurship. If you have the motivation or spirit for a truly unique experience, South Korea and Solbridge can provide you with a new perspective on business and development.
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  • Study Abroad Degree Programs

    Former IIHEM students have studied and are currently studying all around the world. From the London School of Commerce to the cole Suprieure de Commerce systems throughout France; from specialized programs in Sweden to Masters programs throughout the United States and Canada; many IIHEM students have chosen to complete their studies abroad. From Lille, France to Barcelona, Spain; from Dubai to Washington, DC; IIHEM students are all over the world, creating their futures and opening doors to new possibilities.

    The following is a list of universities around the world that have signed specific agreements to welcome IIHEM students directly into their Graduate and Undergraduate programs:

    Fort Hays State University (United States)

    Fort Hays State University is a safe, beautiful and friendly campus with nearly 5,000 students taking classes on-campus, a tenth of whom come from 24 different countries. FHSU faculty and staff are known for their exceptional personal attention and support provided to international students. To learn more about FHSU, check out our website at:

    IIHEM & FHSU Exchange Program [More details?]

    According to the IIHEM/FHSU partnership, IIHEM students from the School of Engineering have the opportunity to continue their studies in the United States, after successfully completing their first two years of study, and obtain the FSHU bachelor diploma in Information Systems Engineering (one of only two schools in the US that offers the ISE undergraduate degree).

    For the first two years, students will pay the costs and tuition associated with IIHEM. For the other years they will pay the costs and tuition at FHSU.

    Click here for detailed information about the IIHEM/FHSU partnership.

    University of the Fraser Valley (British Columbia, Canada) University of the Fraser Valley is in the region of Vancouver, Canada. It is a public university that prides itself on small class size and student body diversity. This school offers an articulation agreement to IIHEM students who want to transfer. In other words, University of the Fraser Valley will accept many of your academic credits towards graduation at that school if you choose to transfer there. Additionally, this school allows you to pay a normal semester at IIHEM for a semester at Fraser Valley.
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    University of North Alabama (Alabama, United States) UNA is located in Florence, Alabama, in the South Eastern United States. This university offers more than 60 undergraduate majors and Masters degrees in seven fields of study. The student body is approximately 7,000, of which 900 are international students. UNA is a regionally important institution that can give you a real understanding of American culture and student life. UNA has an articulation agreement with IIHEM.
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    TIEC Institutions (Texas, United States) IIHEM has a special and long-standing agreement with TIEC, the Texas International Educational Consortium, which is a group of 32 public universities in the state of Texas. This agreement allows you to transfer to one of the member universities with credit articulation, or to pursue a Masters after graduating from IIHEM. These universities offer a wide variety of specialized Masters programs. Many IIHEM students over the years have chosen Texas institutions to further their studies.
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    Monash University (Australia) Monash University is a large Australian-based University system with campuses throughout Australia and the world. Monash offers areas of study from Engineering and Information Technology to Law and Economics.
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    University of Nicosia (Cyprus) The University of Nicosia is the largest private university in Cyprus, with campuses based in the three largest cities in Cyprus: Nicosia, Lemesos and Larnaca. This school offers specialized MBA programs in Finance, Management, MIS, and Marketing, as well as a Masters in Media & Communications.
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    Wollongong (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) The University of Wollongong in Dubai is one of the UAEs oldest universities and was established by the University of Wollongong in Australia. Approximately 3,500 students representing almost a hundred nationalities are currently enrolled at UOWD. This School offers a variety of specialist Undergraduate and Graduate programs in its three faculties Business & Management, Finance & Accounting, and Computer Science & Engineering. While IIHEM does not have a formal agreement with this school, some IIHEM students have chosen UOWD as a way to enter the exciting world of Dubai.
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    And... For your own reasons, you may wish to study abroad at an institution that does not have a formal partnership with IIHEM. That is fine too, but talk about it first with IIHEM staff in order to ensure that you can transfer a maximum of credits back here.

    IIHEM students have recently completed semesters abroad in the Washington, DC area, transferred to business schools in Sweden, and graduated from Masters programs in the United Kingdom. Institutions around the world also contact IIHEM frequently to express interest in receiving our students. Check with the administration for updates on new exchange partnerships and other options. Anything is possible and IIHEM is here to help you make the best personal choice.